Read Through Few of the FAQs About Waste Removal Services

Learn more about the waste and trash removal services provided by Sioux Falls Sanitation. Get answers to some of the commonly asked questions below.

Check Out a Few Common FAQs

Where should I put my container once I receive it?

Location is very important. The dumpster must be in an area that is free of obstacles, including snow, (the container cannot be picked up over drifts). This ensures the driver will be able to back up to the container.

What happens when my drive or lane is impassable?

If that is the case because of snow, water, etc., no pickup will be made at that time and it'll be rescheduled.

How am I billed?

You are billed once a month on the 20th with payment being due by the 6th of the following month. If your payment is going to be late, please call our business office to make arrangements. Online billing is also available.

What can I put in the container?

No appliances of any kind and no hard metals (steel, iron, etc.), pesticides, chemicals, paint cans, dead animals, tires or rims, batteries, grass, trees, bricks, or concrete.

What is the number on my tote cart for?

The number on your tote identifies that specific tote cart. It's a very good idea to record the number in your records in case the tote cart gets lost, stolen, or damaged.

What if I have extra waste?

You will need to call the office and arrange for a pickup for that.